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it. just keep doing what you're doing. >> okay, okay. that's good advice. i'm freaking out. >> you killed it. >> oh, good, thank you. >> reporte . >> someone else who kills it week after week is jack quarter. >> it feels like you're making 10 seconds of television over 10 hours. >> it's just a few minutes each dr 12-hour day. >> as you'll see on sunday. poor jack has his heart broken yet again by that vixen emily who repeatedly dumps him in order to take down the gracen family by reromanomancing danie. >> you're this generation's john-john and caroline. >> i don't know about that last part, but i won't deny it i'll thrilled to be back with emily. >> for the rest of the episode, tune in sunday for "revenge." thanks for watching.
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tune in to good morning america tomorrow. as always, we're online at abc have a great weekend, everybody. see you here on monday. xñes0p0p
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police searched for the man who tried to abduct a two-year-old girl. the terrifying more moments as a mother watched as a man grabbed her daughter. >> i'm dan ashley. can you imagine that fear that
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mother felt. because of how she reacted her little girl is safe tonight. it happened on brain drop circle in pittsburg. thank goodness. >> reporter: this is where it happened in the yard behind me. police are searching the neighborhood and paying visits to known sex offenders in the area but this guy is still out there tonight and police wanted to find him now because if he fits the profile he is very likely to strike again. >> they comforted the distraught mother. earlier she saw a man snatch her two-year-old daughter in her front yard. >> from what we told the suspect approached the residence, he would have not seen anybody else other than the two-year-old. >> the toddler's mother was ten feet away but hidden by the family car. just as the suspect grabbed the child and ran, he realized her mom was right there. >> mother was also in the front yard and begin giving chase to
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the suspect and yelling at him. also threatening she was going to call the police. this, we believe, frightened the suspect. he dropped the two-year-old into the bushes and fled the area on foot. >> child's father came home from work found police with search dogs combing the area. >> that family is such a good family, sweet, always playing around. they always have adult supervision. this is unheard of. >> a guy like this walking around, yeah, i would love to catch him. i would love to catch him. >> the two-year-old girl was not physically injured. the suspect is described as a white male in his 30s clean-shaven with collar length dirty blonde hair wearing blue jeans and a shirt. if you think you know who the person is, plis please callurg
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pittsburg police. i'm alan wang, "abc 7 news." we have developing news in the investigation into the boston marathon bombings. government officials say the mother of the two suspects was put on the federal terrorism data list 18 months ago. she has denied any connection to terrorism. just out, the man who had both legs blown off in the explosion that tamerlan stood out in the crowd because he was so serious. >> everybody is having a great tile. he didn't look like he was having a good time. >> the he was the first to give description of the suspect and where the youngest suspect was found hiding after the water town shootings, a boat was towed
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to a safe location. dzhokar tsarnaev was moved to a federal prison 40 miles from boston. >> a piece of a plane. they found landing gear boeing jammed between two buildings yesterday. authorities were would not rule out the chance it was placed there by the one of the buildings holds a controversial prayer from. the discovery is being treated as a crime scene for the time being. >> tonight a redwood city man remains on the run after escaping from hap handcuffs in a sheriff's car. he was arrested last night accused of assaulting his girlfriend. while deputies were completing their investigation, valencia managed to get out of the car and ran away. because he told family members he will not go back to jail, authorities consider him dangerous. he may now be driving a silver 1991 acura four-door.
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>> two people are still in critical condition tonight after a deadly crash in oakland. it happened about 3:45 this afternoon on highway 13 near the lincoln overpass. the driver lost control flipping the suv several times. sky7hd was overhead. you can see the car backwards in the southbound lane. one person was killed. four why injured. it caused heavy delays during the chute. >> demonstrateders in petaluma took to the streets at rush hour to call attention to a construction project they say is threatening a federally protected bird. they made adjustments to several nets beneath the overpass to protect the swallows. demonstrators say the nets continued to kill birds. here is reporter sergio quintana >> take down the nets! >> reporter: about 20 people gathered to demonstrate in the series of nets installed under the bridges. >> i don't see why birds -- they
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should take the nets down. >> as we first reported earlier this month, it should keep swallows from nesting. caltrans said that some birds ze adjustments have been effective. they get entangled in the netting. >> workers have adjusted two nets to prevent birds from getting trapped and working close with state and wildlife authorities to fix any problems. most evenings these birds return to the bridges and try and build their homes because it's the height of their nesting season and demonstrators say some of the birds are getting caught in the nets. at least one bird caught in the net, a different material should have been use on this project. >> it would be plastic sheeting flush to the surface of the surface and prevents the mud from the nest from adhering. >> tonight a biologist from
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caltrans was on site to monitor the birds. the weekend is here and meteorologist sandhya patel is keeping an eye on the weather with live doppler 7-hd. >> as you look at live doppler, we have low clouds, not just near the coast but in parts of the bay as well and into some parts of the north bay. here are current wind speeds, pretty good wind flow around fairfield, gusting at 28 miles an hour. breezy conditions for the weekend. tree pollen, grasses both running high, ragweed and ozone low but where will those temperatures go? i'll be back with the weekend forecast coming up. governor rick perry of texas is demanding an apology tonight from the sacramento bee over a cartoon. take a look. it features a quote about business booming in texas and
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then an explosion in the next panel. last week a huge blast of a texas fertilizer plant exploded. they say the artist has made it clear empathy for the victims and made a strong statement about perry'sisregard for worker safety. you know all parents want to keep their children safe. some are literally bulletproofing them. >> michael finney has more on this story. >> we are talking about military grade protection. it is a reasonable precaution or is it extreme reaction? it calls controversy to put kids in body armer. >> and the creepy critter that showed up at starbucks and what one local county had to do. >> we have music from paramore.
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tesha is us. what is your n
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since the sandy hook tragedy keeping children safe is top of mind for many communities. >> its independenceable but now a controversial option for parents to consider. bulletproof theirbackpacks for r kids. >> here is michael finney with more on this. >> binders, pencils and rulers, most back to school shopping lists and now some are adding bulletproof backpacks. >> this is an ordinary school day for him and four-year-old daughter. >> this is super woman's cape. >> ordinary except a brand-new backpack which isf. bulletproof. this backpack offers military grade protection against bullets. it costs about $300 and is made in columbia. >> if they were to come into class with any guns, you put this on and it would stop the
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bullets. >> they live in colorado the site last july's movie theaters. he says it's the best choice for his family. >> this was the easiest thing i could do. >> some parents in the bay area are considering buying similar gear for their kids. his son attended hillsdale high school in san mateo where four years ago a student brought weapons and pipe bombs to campus. she liked the idea with a ballistic backpack. >> you don't want something to happen where you can't take action. you have to take action. >> chris owns a san rafael gun show and here families are taught how to handle guns and stay saf >> since emergency. >> since then, in the first quarter of 2013 we have seen a 20% increase in the number of folks that have come into the training program. those folks, i would say at least 25% of them have had some
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questions how to better protect their young ones at school. >> jacob says they are asking about bulletproof backpacks. >> we have to work with the parents and educate what the situation is and provide options and solution for that specific situation. >> bulletproof backpacks are not sold widely in stores. to get one you have to look online. prices range from $200 to $300 and they weigh around three pounds. dan larsen says anything to help keep his son and daughteris a ge is a good idea. >> a backpack would be easy, grab your backpack. >> other parents feel like bulletproof backpacks for kids is an extreme reaction. >> you want a positive atmosphere, not like predictingo be happen. >> gloria from san francisco has triplets in preschool.
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>> to select a school an area where we would not need to worry about it. if i need to worry about it, i need to reconsider what school they are attending. >> it's something i hated to have to imagine but it's a reality with today. >> there are just a few armor companies that are starting to market them for kids. if you want to check them out go to and click on "7 on your side" for a link. coming up, this sunday on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, i'm going to investigate those puzzles that are forced to solve before buying items. they can be frustrating but i discovered a possible alternative. >> i can't wait for that. [ laughter ] >> they are maddening. we'll see that on sunday. a south bay starbucks has a problem on
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it'sands. it's called in pest control to handle a bedbug infestation. ama daetz has the story. >> i've never seen a bedbug infestation in a restaurant. that is unusual. >> heather is with the county of environmental health. they received a complaint about bedbugs in the furniture in campbell. they confirmed that the specimen was a bedbug. starbucks have been pro-active. >> they brought the pest control company in. they had several treatments. there is no evidence that kioblt found that bugs are currently there. >> a customer heard about the bedbugs but isn't concerned. >> i think they removed all what they call the soft furniture. i don't think it's going to be too big of a problem. >> the county says starbucks has a pest control company that
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continues to follow up on the problem, they bite but not known to carry a disease. >> find information on how to deal with bedbugs on it sounds creepy. >> let's get a check of the weekend forecast. >> live doppler 7-hd. the weather is looking fantastic for the weekend. we will see the usual low clouds and fog around the bay first thing in the morning and that is where the low cloudiness is right now. high definition emeryville camera you can see the overcast skies as we look back towards san francisco. 53 in oakland. san jose, 52 degrees. half moon bay is at 50 along with santa cruz in the 50s. high definition, rd the financial district of san francisco, low clouds around right now. 48 degrees in napa. it is getting cool there. livermore 52 degrees.
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here is what is coming. you are going to have to deal with the low clouds and fog. typical pattern in late spring. sunny and warmer. 90-degree highs are expected next week. could even be possible on sunday this weekend. take a look at the temperature trend for livermore. 84 tomorrow afternoon. 90 degrees as we head into the early part of next week holding in that warm category for most of the workweek. tomorrow morning, if you have an early start to your weekend with plans, you will want to make sure if you have a jacket or sweater. cool start with low clouds and fog. mid 40s in places like santa. rosa. as you look at the computer animation, fog and low clouds starting off the morning pulling away from most areas except near the coast. we'll see still see lingering low clouds, 60s coastside but limited by the low cloudiness lingering. inland areas, getting up to the
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mid-80s range. here is the specific high temperatures for your saturday. 80 degrees in san jose. 83 for los gatos. sunshine and n morgan hill. 83 degrees and 76 in palo alto. coastal areas, low 60s. upper 50s and low 50s in places like pacifica. downtown san francisco, 66 degrees. 61 in daly city. north bay communities, you are going to see the temperatures getting into the low 80s around santa rosa, napa. great day for wine country. 76 in san rafael. east bay, mild, sunny, close to where you should be. 72 in oakland. 73 newark. inland areas, get up to the mid-80s around livermore, antioch and fairfield. heading to the pacific coast dream machine in half moon bay, partly cloudy by noontime, 2:00 p.m., sunny breaks. i would take a jacket if i were
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you but it will be nice for that and any activities you have planned. seven-day forecast, warming trend continues. low 90s monday through wednesday inland. low 60s around the coast and drop the temperatures off thursday and friday. >> what an incredible finish to the warriors game at the oakland arena. >> larry beil is there live tonight? >> with apologies, thunder sticks are back. so is seth curry bad ankle and all. his big night and white knuckle
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seth curry scoring the warriors held on. they have gone tight down the stretch for a 110-108 victory over the denver nuggets. the crowd fired up for the
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warriors first home playoff game since 2007. they were insane. nuggets were in charge, kenneth reid finishes with the alley-oop. look at andrew with a touch pass to carl landry. tie larson unstoppable. denver up a dozen at the half. and warriors storm back. jared had 23 and the fans back in the game. urthuaer the rookie green attacking the amazing reverse. this game really was all about seth curry. bad apg kel? what bad ankle? tear drop finish but mistakes keep denver in the game. warriors up by 2, andre iguodala and they take the game and lead
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the series two games to one. >> the guy made big time plays. i'm still baffled. i know it's going to sound like a broken record. somebody owes him an apology. he an all-star. >> when we, did, just go go for it and he did. >> game four of the series is right back here at oracle arena. complex was the center of the sports universe, a few feet away. we have the a's and or yellows playing baseball series, check out sparky with mustache here. for the green and gold. couple starts last year, 5-k's and only two hits allowed. seventh inning after a rare josh reddick error. here is a single.
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3-0 baltimore final. a's have dropped seven of their last. giants and padres with timmy on the mound. that is up from the defense, cabrera with a sack bunt and panda goes full extension to make the play. timmy in trouble late in the third inning, back-to-back r.b.i. singles. very solid showing but the padres won 2-1. wrapping it up, warriors win 110-108. up two games to one. >> this is great momentum going into game four after tonight. >> he is at the podium, said curry was in a lies bucket as we last saw him.
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he needs to rest. i'm sure he will be back out but a tremendous effort from curry tonight. 29 points, basically on a very tender ankle. >> he was nailing them tonight. up next the mystery of the giant head. >> believe it or
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low clouds, patchy fog, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. lisa argen is here starting at 5:00 a.m. >> if you are missing a 300 pound head, this may be yours. >> they spotted on head on on hudson river. it took ten people to drag it out of the river. >> one theory is part of a mardi gras float. so far no one has come forward to claim it. >> wait about a week. that is this edition of "abc 7 news." >> i'm carolyn johnson. >> have a great
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mercedes castro miller wants her life back. i stopped doing all the things that i liked to do. i didn't want to try to get on a plane or anything because i don't fit on one. at 411 pounds she's desperate to stop the cycle of unhealthy eating. i'm a foodaholic. that's exactly what i am. if she gets to be around 40 years old she's going to be in congestive heart failure. now, see how just 6 weeks of living big can make a world of difference. i'm making peace world of difference. i'm making peace with the hills. ♪ 30 year old mary, mother of two, mercedes castro miller has been overweight her entire life. hurt by her father's rejection because of her size the memories stays with her. he threw up and i was like what's the matter?
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he said see you so unhealthy it makes me sick. today she is still being put down because of her size. she goes yeah but you're heavy you broke it. it's your weight you broke my chair; but now mercedes is ready to live big. mercedes it's so nice to meet you. how has that been throughout your life with your weight like going up and down and how have you felt about yourself? you know like it's an emotional roller coaster. it's like there's always some kind of road block that will remind you of this weight. oh i can't get on that ride or i can't fit on that door or i went to disneyland the other day with my family and i could not fit through those turnstiles at all and i had to get that disabled pass so that i could go through the other side and that was a big if anything like that was rock bottom. you have a teenage daughter that you have taken into your life and your world and then you have a toddler. yeah. do they notice and have do
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you tell them why you have to get a disabled pass or was it not talked about because it', no i talk about it freely because now you know it has to set the example; but when it comes to eating the whole family is in need of help. my husband is a very big meat and potatoes person. i come from a family of farm people that eat fried food you know everything is fried. vegetables aren't really my friend. i, yeah i'm not the healthiest eater. life is going to be very important to have a conversation with your husband and be like you know what i want you to be healthy and active because i want, that's the life i want for us together. how do you think that conversation will go? you know i have yet to find out. i've stopped living and i stopped doing all the things that i liked to do. i want you to make a list of all the those things that you no longer do.
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you are mourning those things in your life and so...yeah i mourn a lot. i do mourn a lot. how does it feel when you talk to your daughter and you say you don't want to live this life? it's sad because i can't, i can't live the life that i'm telling her to live with her. i can't do it with her. she wants me to go on roller coasters with her, she wants me to go for a jog, she wants me to do all these things and i can't do them if they're, see now i'm going to cry and i don't want to cry; i want to go on like fun dates with my husband. i just want to; we didn't really have like a fancy honeymoon but i mean truth inside i didn't want to do that. i didn't want to try to get on a plane or anything because i don't fit on one. right here is where you're going to need to be but this is where change happens. when you get uncomfortable and you tell the truth no matter how scary it is let it come out like it's
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liberating you talked about it like the truth is out there. you know what i mean and it's just like okay well let's get you to a place where you can have a honeymoon with your husband and you can go anywhere you want because your body's not going to stop you. yeah it's stopping me and i don't want it to anymore. is there any relationships that you hope get reconnected through this journey? i want to go see my dad again. i didn't talk to him for a long time but his biggest issue with him was always my weight. you know my parents divorced when i was 5 and then i think around 9 or 10 i wanted to go see him and my mom put me on a plane to go see him and i was expecting a very loving dad and running into him and hi dad you know i miss you and everything and the first thing he says is like damn girl you're fat. i didn't even get a hug, i didn't get i miss you, i didn't get anything, i got like you're getting on a diet but i haven't talked to him since; so if i was your dad what would you say to your dad right now? my life my life would so, so different if i was just greeted warmly and kindly and loving i would have be a


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